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Experience the ultimate language-learning environment at The Art of Spanish Institute LLC. Patient, expert instruction, using the most-advanced language-learning technology and software. A fun, supportive atmosphere suffused with joy in learning and delight in sharing our culture and language. Frequent gatherings at the Institute, at restaurants, and other special opportunities for living "la vida en español"

Kathy Barrigas


I have been taking Individual Private Lessons twice per week at "The Art of Spanish Institute" since June 2019 and I am delighted with the setting, the director, my teacher, and my progress. Initially, I was impressed by the website and the description of Javier’s philosophy of teaching. 
I contacted the director of the school Javier Morganti by email, received a response right away and was invited to come in and talk to him. After we talked a bit, Javier did a brief, but effective, assessment of my current Spanish language level. He suggested that I start with Individualized Private Lessons at the intermediate level. My sessions with my teacher have been great! She is a delightful, interesting, and effective teacher. Because these are one-on-one sessions, conducted entirely in Spanish, I have lots of opportunity to talk, to listen, and to learn exactly what I need to learn. I am very happy with the progress that I’ve made since I started at "The Art of Spanish Institute".
I look forward to my classes every week, time flies when I’m there, and when I leave I’m motivated to do the homework that I’ve been assigned. If you sign up for classes here, you will not be disappointed!