For those committed to learning Spanish as efficiently as possible, we have created a quick, affordable way to accelerate your acquisition of Spanish with our intensive program. With half of the time spent on grammar and half on conversation you can advance to a higher level of Spanish in just one week of daily classes accompanied by a variety of activities and materials.


Traveling to a Spanish-speaking country for business or pleasure? Need to use Spanish with your clients or your staff at work? This program is designed for you! The Art of Spanish Institute, will help you improve your Spanish language skills by expanding your vocabulary, improving your grammar, and providing an opportunity to practice conversational skills in real-world situations.


Learn Spanish successfully, intensively and rapidly by studying in our Institute here in Denver. With this Spanish Full Immersion Program you will be welcomed into The Art of Spanish Institute School where you will experience Spanish life as part of a warm, friendly family. You will speak only Spanish everyday and your teacher and all The art of Spanish Institute staff will help you find the right words in daily conversation. Our courses are specifically designed to meet your individual needs for learning Spanish.


Besides the lessons, you will live a real experience full of activities and workshops in the afternoons. It will give you the opportunity to keep improving your Spanish and learning much more about our culture.

Course Description

One-One Spanish Immersion Program

We offer the highest-quality programs for students who wants to immerse themselves, with one-on-one programs custom-designed to your requirements and specific needs, and groups immersion programs.

Example of Time Schedule for a Full Week Immersion-Half Day-20 hrs.
Five days/4 hrs. per day: Normally offered  M-F from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm!

-Warm up session
-Homework correction
-Grammar in context/test    
-Grammar exercises/games
-Language activity
-Reading and comprehension


Pricing for Private (1 student) & Group (2-5 students)

Half Day Immersion (PRIVATE Spanish Immersion (1 student), 1 week/4 hours/day M-F). 


Tuition Per Week





-Warm up session
-Introductory grammar
-Reading and comprehension
-Speaking game/audio
-Closing session: grammar in context/task
-assigment : exercise skills

-Warm up session
-Homework correction
-Reading and comprehension
-Role play
-Grammar in context
-Audio comprehension
-Exercises grammar
-Speaking exercises
-Writing practice

-Warm up session
-Homework correction
-Reading and comprehension
-Role play
-Grammar in context
-Activity: Audio comptehension with video/podcasts
-Close session: grammar in context

-Weekly test (30 minutes)
-Weekly review
-Reviewing all grammar topics of the week
-Speaking activity
-Writing exercise

End of the course.

Joanna Widman


I just finished the one week immersion program and really enjoyed my teachers and the content. I have more confidence speaking and a clearer picture of what I still need to learn.

Lauren Caravella


The staff and customized curriculum at The Art of Spanish Institute are stellar. The intense and fast-paced immersion program has taught me effective communication skills in the realms of correct grammar, proper pronunciation and comprehensive speaking/listening/reading skills. The resources available on the student portal are amazing - awesome references throughout the learning process. I am impressed with the professionalism of both the director Javier Morganti and teachers and highly recommend The Art of Spanish Institute to motivated students. 

Instructions for completing the Registration Form
1. Use only the latest version of Adobe Reader

2. Before completing the form save it (PDF format) to your Desktop on your computer. 

3. Open the fillable form.
4. Fill out the first page, read carefully the second page and sign it. 

5. After you have completed the form, save a final version of the file on your Desktop.

6. When ready, email us the Registration Form. Don't forget to attach the file. 


Do not complete the form online within your web browser; your data will NOT be saved. Please save it to your computer first, and then fill it out. 


Registration Fee: 
$75 One time per student.

Forms of Payment: 
1-ACH Bank Transfer

2-Credit & Debit Cards
(A Convenience Fee of 3.5% will be charged on
all credit/debit card payments)

Christen Skaer & Luke Carter

The team is great! The teachers are so nice, and really patient! We couldn't like them more! You guys have a really nice group of people!

Student Review!

Paul Santi, Professor
Department of Geology and Geological Engineering
Colorado School of Mines. 


I took the 40 hrs. week-long immersion class with Cecilia. The course was fantastic, and she is an excellent, patient teacher. There is a huge variety of exercises and activities, switching between listening, watching videos, reading, practicing conversation, and working on grammar and vocabulary. It is a lot of work, and a very tiring week, but also interesting and very valuable. 

I highly recommend the course!