AP-Spanish Exam Preparation

Parent Review!

Michell Bennett

The Art of Spanish Institute was the best thing we've discovered in recent years. Our son was able to get the support he needed for AP Spanish Exam to help him feel secure in the concepts he was learning. The Art of Spanish Institute was always able to schedule a Teacher on the days and times he needed - usually just before a big test. It always paid off and helped give him the confidence he needed to get a good grade taking the test. 

Stephanie White

We are so pleased by and thankful for the experience our son (age 17) has been given at The Art of Spanish Institute. He is entering a program at school that will be rigorous in its language requirements, and we feel that he will be significantly more prepared, for having had the guidance of his lovely teacher. It is a comprehensive learning environment that is highly guided and structured. His homework has been relevant and manageable, and we are confident that he will enter his program this next year at school having benefited significantly for having the care of instruction and one-on-one attention provided by his teacher. The director of the School, Javier Morganti has worked with me, ongoing, to ensure that our son has the schedule that is right and best for him, and we continue to appreciate all of the support and communication that he and his team provides. Thank you so much, it continues to be worth the investment in every way! :)

Open to: Grades 9 - 12

Eligibility: Spanish 2 , 3, 4, Spanish Honors American Level. B2, C1, C2 European Standart Level.

Prerequisites: At least two-three years of Spanish language instruction.

Course Format: Individual Session Based.

Course Length: 24 - 36 weeks.

Student Expectations: Students are strongly encouraged to work an average of  3 - 5 hours per week for the 24/36-week session.

Materials Needed

A textbook and workbook are required for this course:

1. Temas, AP Spanish Language and Culture. Vista Higher Learning. 2014.

2. AP Spanish. Language and Culture Exam Preparation. Vista Higher Learning. 2014.

The books can be purchased together from the Vista Higher Learning CTY Online Programs store.

Students will also need a headset with microphone for online classes.

A Spanish-English Dictionary, while not required, may be helpful as a personal reference for the duration of this course.

Detailed Course Program

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Course Description

This AP-Spanish Language and Culture course is conducted only in Spanish with authentic materials form the Spanish-speaking world, and it is equivalent to a third year college course in Advanced Spanish writing and conversation. This course is designed to provide students with various opportunities to further improve their proficiency in listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills to be ready for the AP-Spanish Language and Culture Examination.

The instructional philosophy of this course includes the integration of the four required language skills that are critical to the successful usage of Spanish: reading, writing, speaking, and listening. The general flow of each week’s work comprises of vocabulary, grammar structure, literary analysis, application of passive and active vocabulary, supplementary reading, and finally, writing assignments and tests. Students should be able to achieve the following objectives:

  • To continue to develop communicative competence in listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills.
  • To be able to understand the textbook lessons and supplementary materials and participate in discussions using the Spanish language.
  • To be able to use the knowledge gained through course materials to develop critical thinking and writing skills to compose essays in Spanish on given topics.
  • To be able to use the Spanish language to communicate effectively both in the school setting and in real-life situations.
  • To be able to use Spanish as they seek clarifications through the use of communication and language learning strategies that are running elements of the course.
  • To be able to carry on a conversation or a discussion with his teacher.

The AP-Spanish Language and Culture class will be conducted exclusively in Spanish. Students are required to speak Spanish as much as possible in the classroom and in Zoom sessions. Students are also expected to read and write essays in Spanish on a weekly basis.

Preparing for the test should be fun and easy, but it also takes a commitment to studying, practicing, and more importantly, time. You should also have realistic expectations for your child. Students typically notice results in 2-3 months-increments, so plan on your child being here at least that long. His/her Tutor will assign homework as needed and give them study tips throughout their time here at The Art of Spanish Institute to help them improve their comprehension and conversational skills. Make sure they are prepared to study and do homework for at least 60 minutes between classes.​

To ensure the highest level of quality instruction is provided and goals are being met, TAOSI classes are continually monitored and assessed by Javier Morganti, Founder-Director of the The Art Of Spanish Institute LLC. If you're interested in learning more about our Spanish Tutoring Program, please contact us today.

Please contact us to schedule a FREE 30 minutes Introductory Meeting . Here we can talk about classes, materials, dates & times, and what would be the best program for your child.

Individual Private Lessons "1 Student"

Some packages we recommend:

Classes per week
Hours per 4 weeks
Tuition per 4 weeks


Registration Fee: 
$75 One time per student.

Forms of Payment: 
1-ACH Bank Transfer

2-Credit & Debit Cards
(A Convenience Fee of 3.5% will be charged on
all credit/debit card payments)

Why a tutor?

Preparing for the AP-Spanish Exam can be very daunting. When studying, you can feel  overwhelmed by doubts that are difficult to solve, and an AP-Spanish tutor is highly recommended. ​Why do elite athletes have a coach? These athletes are the best in the world in their field, but despite this, they need a coach. Why? The truth is that it is very difficult to be disciplined and see certain things from outside if there is no one to help and guide us. This is the case in the world of sports, as well as exams. Can we prepare AP-Spanish Exam alone, practicing exams and studying by ourself’s with for example, an AP-Spanish ONLINE course? The short answer is yes. The long answer is yes, but it will be much more difficult. And we already have enough pressure in our student lifes without adding the solitude of preparing for the AP-Spanish Exam challenge alone.
Let’s us guide your student and make things easy!

Why one-one private tutoring?

One of the main benefits of your child working with a Spanish Tutor is that our teachers can fill in any learning gaps while moving at a pace that is appropriate for their learning ability. The second main benefit is that Spanish Tutoring offers your child a safe environment for them to ask questions as well as practice their language skills. 



1 class, 1.5 hrs.
2 classes, 1.5 hrs. 

1 class, 2 hrs.
2 classes, 2 hrs.

6 hrs.
12 hrs.

8 hrs.
16 hrs.

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