Corporate Spanish-Language Training Services

The Art of Spanish Institute offers specific and tailor made Spanish language courses for executives, managers, workers and travelers from business firms at their premises.

We offer packages for Corporate Businesses whose employees have no prior knowledge of Spanish as well as those who wish to brush-up their Spanish language skills. For the latter, The Art of Spanish Institute conducts a level test to ensure that we can set the goals for the course, and classes can be tailored to your specific business needs.

These classes offer ultimate flexibility,  making it a great option for business professionals, co-workers, or any other individual or small group looking for highly personalized attention and accelerated learning.

Corporate Spanish Courses are a great way to guarantee that you learn specific Spanish for your business and gain the conversation skills that you need for your professional field or specific interest.

On-site corporate training classes, conducted at your business or in our facility, create many opportunities for students to use Spanish. The royal road to fluency in Spanish is practice, practice, and practice. We work hard to make practice fun and interesting. Companies with trained personnel can follow up new market trends, get and maintain new clients, travel to implement its services.

We can also create a program designed specifically to fit your needs.  Courses are designed for all levels of proficiency including  beginners, intermediate, advanced, and professional level, with classes held at your location. Would you be interested in talking about a program for your company?

Whatever your needs, we will design the optimal language-learning program for you. Contact  us, to discuss how we can help your company or organization meet and exceed your language-learning goals. The teaching methodology will vary from case to case.

If you have any questions or would like to make an appointment for additional information, please feel free to contact us at (720) 713-6001 or

Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your Staff's education.


The Art of Spanish Institute has offered services and signed Partnership Agreements with the following companies and schools:


-Denver Public Charter School
 Strive Prep School

 Supporting Teachers in communicating with students and their parents about behavior and grades.
 (Signed Partnership Agreement for 2019 School Calendar Year).

-Sheridan School District
 Sheridan High School

 Supporting Teachers in communicating with students and their parents about behavior and grades.
 (Signed Partnership Agreement for 2018-2019 School Calendar Year).

-Jefferson County Public Schools
 Dennison Elementary School

 Enrichment Spanish Program offered to Kindergarten-4th Grade

 (Signed Partnership Agreement for 2018-2019 School Calendar Year).

-Denver Public Schools
 Isabella Bird Schools

 Enrichment Spanish Program offered to Kindergarten-3rd Grade

 (Signed Partnership Agreement for 2018-2019 School Calendar Year).

-Denver Public Schools
 Prep Academy High School

 Supporting Teachers in communicating with students and their parents about behavior and grades.

 (Signed Partnership Agreement for 2018-2019 School Calendar Year).

-Denver Public Charter School
 KIPP-Sunshine Peak Academy
 Supporting Teachers in communicating with students and their parents about behavior and grades.
 (Offered Services 2017-2018 School Calendar Year).

-Denver Federal Center. Denver, Colorado.
 Spanish Instructor for CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) Personnel.

-University of Colorado at Denver.
 Denver, Colorado
 Spanish Teacher under-graduate courses. 

-Denver Health Hospital. Denver, CO.
 Spanish Instructor for Medical Personnel.

-Zents. Arvada, CO
 Spanish Instructor for Marketing & Management Personnel.

-Exclusive Resorts Club Management, LLC. Denver, CO.
 Spanish Instructor for Sales & Customer Service Personnel.

-Cornerstone Painting Contractors, Inc. Denver, CO.
 Spanish Corporate Classes for Management Personnel.

-Arrowhead Lanscaping Services. Golden, CO.
 Spanish classes for Management Personnel.

-Blankenship Consulting LLC.
 Mining Industry
 Spanish classes and private tutoring.

-Wheelhouse Construction.
 Spanish Corporate Classes for Management Personnel.

-GoodLand Construction, Inc.
Spanish Classes for Management Personnel.

Spanish Pharmacy Software Classes for Personnel.

Are your employees & staff ready to learn Spanish in order to communicate better with your Spanish workers and clients?

Due to the growing Hispanic population in Denver, we here at The Art of Spanish Institute LLC strongly feel that learning Spanish as a second language is a valuable tool for success, especially for companies with large numbers of Hispanic workers and/or clients.

We Offer The Highest-Quality Programs For Corporate Clients, With On-Site Programs Custom-Designed To Your Requirements And Specific Needs!

What services WE OFFER!


  • Do their job better


  • Impress your clients


  • Have more work opportunities


  • Learn more about Latino Culture


  • Work and travel abroad


  • Improve your cognitive skills


  • Become a more independent employee


  • They can put it to good use all day, every day


  • Spanish is spoken by 450 million people


  • Be able to better communicate with Spanish-speaking employees and clients
  • 24 weeks of classes


  • Classes held at your Company


  • Extensive experience with on-site training


  • Custom-designed group or private classes


  • Advanced language-learning technology and software


  • Expert assessment and monitoring of language-learning progress


  • Programs tailored to job or industry-specific needs


  • Classes twice per week on the days of your choosing


  • At TAOSI LLC personalized attention is our priority


  • Classes are 100% conversational and fully conducted in Spanish


  • PDS: Professional Development Sessions for your Employees & Staff
Now is a great time for your employees & Staff to learn Spanish!

Start now!


$ 250 per class

Materials Not Included. Classes are 1.5 hrs. long.

 YEAR 2024 

Service normally offered on a 24 weeks contract

Twice a week  classes

 Group classes up to 10 participants per group

Spanish Program offered at the time that is convenient for your staff

After the Program students on average begin to speak Spanish in a much higher register

Classes held at your Company

Personalized attention is our priority


Why Employees And Your Staff Should Learn SPANISH!

Client Review!

Alyssa Boudhaouia


We had The Art of Spanish Institute come to our office at Medkeeper for 6 months for classes for our employees. Both teachers we had, Juan Carlos and Luis, were AMAZING!! The classes were so much fun, the feedback from employees was amazing, and it was great to have something to bring the office together. I feel like they made it easy to learn and I am so grateful for the experience from them!