Class Description

BEGINNERS - A1: The objective of this class is to introduce Spanish language to students who never took Spanish before at school or had Spanish language in their lives at all. The students in this level will experience Spanish for the first time and will enjoy learning word by word in a dynamic way. The emphasis of this introductory class is on pronunciation, vocabulary building, basic grammar and basic conversation. This course is for those students with little or no ability in the language. Introduction to basic listening, reading, speaking and writing skills will be addressed throughout the course. Previous Spanish not required.

The students will be able to identify words and expressions of Spanish language. They will be able to say or express basic ideas, sentences and desires in simple present tense. They will learn enough vocabulary to continue with BEGINNERS - A2.

Topics: Proper greetings, informal vs. formal, gender of nouns and adjectives, the alphabet, colors, numbers 1-20, telling time, ask basic questions, use of the definite and indefinite articles, ser vs estar, prepositions, pronouns, expressions of time and season, learn and use of the most common regular and irregular verbs in the present tense, and imperatives.

HIGH BEGINNERS - A2: This course is the continuation of the BEGINNERS - A1 and for students who have taken formal instruction a while ago, or have previous informal exposure to the language. Building of the basic foundation provided in the introductory level, students will learn to introduce themselves and conduct simple conversations on a range of everyday subjects. Listening, reading, speaking and writing skills will be addressed throughout the course.

The objective of this class is to introduce Spanish language to students who took BEGINNERS - A1 or students who took Spanish language previously. The students in this level will learn to express their ideas spoken and orally in simple present tense of the most common regular and irregular verbs.

The students will be able to readily identify the simple present tense written and orally. They will be able to say or express their ideas, sentences and desires easily at a basic beginner’s level. Upon successful completion of this course, the student will be able to engage in conversations involving themselves, each other and their immediate surroundings; name everyday objects, expand their knowledge of Spanish pronunciation through reading and role playing. They will learn enough vocabulary to continue with INTERMEDIATE - B1

Topics: Definite article; noun (singular and plural); the present indicative tense (simple present tense); regular conjugations of verbs; verb endings –AR –ER – IR; simple negative; interrogative words; indefinite articles; cardinal numbers; time; dates; months; seasons; irregular verbs; prepositions a and de; ser and estar (continuation); commands; possessive and demonstrative adjectives; adverbs; stem changing verbs; complementary infinitives; direct and indirect pronouns.

INTERMEDIATE - B1: This level continues to build up necessary grammar skills that will enable students to understand, read, write and speak sentences and paragraphs. It continues to build on Basic 2 by adding vocabulary and more complex sentences. This course is well-suited for students that have completed at least one semester of college-level Spanish or the equivalent in this Institute. Students will learn to correctly use more complex vocabulary and grammar. Listening, reading, speaking and writing skills will continue to be addressed throughout the course.

The objective of this class is that Students will continue to expand their knowledge of basic Spanish by continuing to build and use more difficult and much deeper sentence structures. The students in this level will express their ideas by using a solid vocabulary foundation of adjectives and adverbs.

The students will be able to have a basic conversation based on daily activities. They will be able to say or express their ideas with a full command of adjectives and adverbs. The will be able to understand and be understood in using a wide variety of expressions and action

Topics: More reflexive verbs; relative pronouns; object pronouns; demonstrative pronouns; comparison; adverbs; definite articles, professions; telling time and the 12-hour clock; making suggestions, expressing likes and dislikes; talk about everyday life, sports, restaurants, work, and entertainment.

INTERMEDIATE - B2: The first half of this course will act as a review of Basic levels grammar. Emphasis will be placed on using this grammar in conversation. This class is ideal for those who finished BEGINNERS - A2 or INTERMEDIATE - B1, or studied Spanish a long time ago and need a refresher. This class is also meant for those students who have studied basic grammar but don't feel as though they can adequately use it in conversation. Listening, reading, speaking and writing skills will be addressed throughout the course. Students will review vocabulary, such as nouns, adjectives, adverbs and names.

The objective is to introduce students to a variety of strategies for learning Spanish at home and practice at the School. They will use common expressions and will learn much more, altogether idiomatic expressions and phrasal verbs.

Students will be able to have a normal conversation based on daily events and express their ideas in written and orally ways. This level will refresh the previous knowledge about future, present and past tense (Future, Present and Past Indicative, Present Subjunctive) and strengthen all grammatical structures learned.

Topics: Nouns, definite and indefinite articles; neuter article lo; ser and estar; future, present and past indicative tense of regular verbs ending in -ar, -er, -ir; most common irregular verb forms in the present and past indicative; present participle in the present progressive tense; present subjunctive; indefinite and negative words commonly used; negation verb forms; cardinal and ordinal numbers; simple arithmetical expressions; adjective agreements; telling time and numbers above 100.

ADVANCED CONVERSATIONAL SPANISH: The objective of this engaging and highly participatory course is to improve your speaking ability and expand your knowledge of Spanish vocabulary. Through dynamic conversational activities, listening to Advanced Spanish Podcasts and reading short articles and fables, you will be able to improve your comprehension and expression techniques, widen your vocabulary base, and improve fluency. Designed for Higher Intermediate and Advanced Spanish learners, this course is perfect for students who have previously studied topics such as the past tenses, perfect tenses, and subjunctive mood and wish to focus on increasing fluidity. In this course, you'll enjoy learning new words and idiomatic expressions, listening to audios of Spanish conversations to improve auditory skills, deepening your knowledge of Latin American culture, and conversing about a broad range of topics.

Best suited for: Students who have completed Spanish B2 & C1 or above. Recommended for Higher Intermediate and Advanced students.